DATA festival #online

DATA festival #online

Beyond the Hype: Practical Perspectives on AI application at DATA festival #online

Gear up for one of the most enlightening events of the year – DATA festival #online on the 19th of November 2024. This digital event is designed for professionals seeking to understand and apply Data & Artificial Intelligence beyond buzzwords and hyped expectations. 

DATA festival #online is where theory meets practice to create real, actionable knowledge. This event brings together #DATApeople eager to grasp the realistic applications of AI and utilize them in their fields.

Let’s shift the conversation from hype to how. Together we experience thought-provoking discussions, practical insights, and industry-leading expertise.

DATA festival #online is where we start to shape the future with #data, #analytics & #AI.

Datum & Uhrzeit
Dienstag, 19. November 2024
09:00 16:00 (Europe/Berlin)

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+49 931 8806510

Finden Sie heraus, was über diese Veranstaltung gesagt wird und beteiligen Sie sich am Gespräch.