Community Webinar: Pioneering Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

Community Webinar: Pioneering Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

Join Us for Our Community Webinar on 'Pioneering Enterprise Artificial Intelligence'

We are thrilled to announce that since our inception in February 2023, we've been building a global community of enterprise AI leaders.

After first physical roundtables in Munich, Riyadh, and San Francisco, we continue our mission to unite industry and technology leaders through an expert online event.

Sessions Include:

1. From General-Purpose to Task-Specific - A Dialogue on Enterprise AI: Industry veterans will explore the shift from general to domain-specific AI use cases, focusing on customized AI solutions to meet unique industry needs.

2. An Engineering Perspective on Domain-Specific AI Capabilities: AI engineers will dive deep into the nuts and bolts of crafting domain-specific AI, from frontier models to model fine-tuning

3. Bridging Human with AI - Discussing the Importance of AI Communities: : Leaders from AI software and open-source platforms will discuss enhancing collaboration and decision-making through AI within communities.

Datum & Uhrzeit
Dienstag, 23. Juli 2024
18:00 19:00 (Europe/Berlin)

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